Press Release
Scream Gallery Two Man Show

Alberto Reguera
& Jeffrey Kroll
15th March to 21st April 2007

Scream. 34 Bruton St. Lonon. W1J6QX


  Alberto Reguera  Jeffrey Kroll


From the icy winds and red-hot lava flows of Alberto Reguera’s romantic palette, to the mysterious monochromatic tonalities of Jeffrey Kroll’s imagination, comes ‘Elemental Shift’, an exhibition of new abstract paintings. The show runs from 15th March to the 21st April at Scream, 34 Bruton Street, London, W1.

“Kroll’s new body of work continues to demonstrate his adroit use of layering colours to develop the complex tonalities he seeks and thus influence our thinking through abstract imagery. It is particularly with an understanding and manipulation of geometrica that Kroll is able to pull the viewer into his three dimensional, turbulent or tranquil worlds. He experiments with the very finest applications of paint and takes us through seemingly precise geometric frames into veil upon veil of subtly reflective monochromatic worlds.

Jeffrey Kroll’s paintings have been widely distributed in many countries in private and corporate collections. His Imirage exhibition in 2005, in association with Nokia, presented truly groundbreaking works of fine art, utilising state of the arts technology. Kroll’s paintings hold you in a place of wonder. If, as Plato said, “the painter makes a dream for those who are awake” then in looking at Kroll’s paintings here and now, we should be awake and ready to dream.”

Reguera chooses to go beyond the distinctive forms of the immediate landscape and instead his work seems to free itself somewhere off in the heady distance of the vista. Forms and colours dissolve and reform as he captures the realm where earth, sky and matter all melt into the ether. Employing coarse layers of paint and sprinkled pigment, alongside fragile brushwork, Reguera succeeds in harmonising the wildest and the softest aspects of nature.

Alberto Regruera has studios in Madrid and Paris. His paintings are held in a number of important international collections and in 2003 he was the only Spanish artist invited to join the ‘European Art Dupont Circle’ in Washington DC. In 2001 he won the Ojo Critico Spanish Award (Gold Medal) in Madrid and in 1995 he received the Paris Fine Arts Academy Award for Painting.“Elemental Shift” – New works by Jeffrey Kroll & Alberto Reguera
At Scream – 34 Bruton Street, London, W1J 6QX


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A. Reguera. ICE WATERS. 2006 (200 x 150 cm)
A. Reguera. CREPUSCULAR RAYS. 2006 (130 x 130 cm)
A. Reguera. LAYERS OF A GLACIAR. 2005 (100 x 100 cm)